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  • Solar Cell Fabrication
  • Satellite Telephony
  • Drinking Water Purification
  • Laser Design and Fabrication
  • Fully Outsourced Capital Equipment Production Projects in China
  • Green Technology
  • Building Materials
  • Business Development
  • Materials Processing
Solar cell farbrication
• 40+,++ MW c-Si integrated back-end installation (metallization, firing, test and sort)
• Laser edge isolation
• Amorphous on glass isolation and singulation
• Laser fired contacts
• Process optimization
• Thick film screen printing, ink jet electronics, laser direct write
Satellite Telephony
• Globalstar after-market customization for car and portable connectivity solutions
• Product development in emergency services segment
• Ground station design and optimization
• Custom electronics integration w/high speed switching
• Solar backup design for remote installation
Drinking Water Purification
• Creation of organometallic filtration media
• Point source hydrocarbon abatement systems
• Large MW organic molecule removal from waste effluent streams
Laser design and Fabrication
• Specification vetting for market-product alignment 
• Hi-power fiber laser applications for medical, electronic and telecommunications
• Ultrafast process development in unit ps and fs spaces
• Development of surface interrogation  techniques
• LIBS process development
Overseas Capital Equipment Projects
• Development of specialized solar cell unit ops modules
• Integrating lasers into metrology and production equipment
Green Technology
• Fuel cells
• Green building material development
• Green solar cell manufacturing
Building Materials
• Specialized design of green engineered materials and the attendant processes used for production of same
Business Development
• Creating market demand by connecting specifications with requirements and finally with end-user customers and integration partners
• Identification and prioritization of growth opportunities
• Strategy formulation and execution
Technology Solutions Designed to Maximize Momentum
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