Productronica November  2009
(Video clip, interview with Steve Gold)
ScientificCommons 2008
Electro IQ, The Portal for Electronics Manufacturing 2007
(Article from Advanced Packaging)
Photonics.com July 2010 
(Article about fiber lasers)
Summit Photonics January 2010
(Presentation: Picosecond Laser Processing Of Semiconductor And Thin Film Devices)
Wafer Dicing and Thinning April 2007
(Article from Advanced Packaging)
IA Global Announces Formation of Expert Advisory Board May 5, 2011
(Mr. Albelo named as Technical Advisor)
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Lutsen Data, LLC., today named Jeffrey Albelo to its Technical Advisory Board
August 12, 2011
(Lutsen Data, LLC. is a privately held software data transfer and encryption company)
Chip Scale Review
November December 2011, Volume 15, Number 6
Article: LED Dicing: The Sapphire Blaze Indeed, pg 38
InnoLas Systems
August 28, 2012
New Technology Alliance for Glass and Advanced Brittle Materials Processing. New laser process enables faster, more cost-efficient production of cover glasses and FPDs.
Industrial Laser Solutions For Manufacturing
September 4, 2012
Trio forms alliance to laser-process glass, brittle materials
October 16, 2012
FiLaser confident of business boost
“Great expectations” of international partnership based on brittle glass cutting technique.
PR Newswire
August 31, 2012
Portland Laser Startup Forms Global Technology Alliance for Glass, LED & Wafer Singulation
New technology for cheaper and higher quality cutting of brittle materials for displays, phones and LED lighting
September 11, 2013
FiLaser announces a Key License Agreement with the University of Toronto
September 11, 2013
FiLaser licenses U of T burst-pulse laser machining patent to improve glass processing